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Let’s get real.

Paying someone to do your college assignments is a big risk – and could add up to a whole lot of trouble.

There are dozens of sites like one,  this promising high quality untraceable, plagiarism-free essays.

They’re lying.

It’s an international money making scam, taking money from already struggling students.

Sites like this one, are called Essay Mills. Every year in Ireland, hundreds of students are discovered using Essay Mills to do their assignments. When they’re discovered, the penalties can be serious.

We know how hard it is to get through as a student.

Using a paid service won’t make it any easier. If you pay someone to do your work or use a site like this one, it is known as contract cheating.

Sites like this target students who are under pressure. If you are approached by an essay mill, make sure to report it to your Students’ Union, your Institution or to Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI) as it is now an offence in Ireland to help someone cheat in their exams or assessments. 


What is this site?

This site is part of an education campaign by the Union of Students in Ireland, to warn students about the risks of using paid assignment services.

What is an Essay Mill?

Essay Mills exist to exploit students and take your money. They lie about the quality of their work and often sell the same essay (or very similar) to multiple victims. Using one could wreck your college career.

We’re not trying to scare you, but essay mills advertise to every student they can find, and they don’t have the expertise they claim to.  

We need to get the message out that you don’t need to line the pockets of unscrupulous essay mill operators to get by in college. You got to college on your own abilities.

You got this, and you don’t need essay mills.   Still need help? That’s where your Students’ Union and your college advisory services come in.  Let’s talk about those.


Essay mills claim to be undetectable, but that’s a false claim. 

Many colleges now use software which detects repeatedly used content and material sourced from unsound research resources. 

The lecturer just uploads your assignment and clicks ‘Scan’. And if the scan uncovers something you’d rather it didn’t, you could face penalties for plagiarism or cheating.


Why shouldn’t you use Essay Mills? 

– It stunts your academic growth and development  

– They have the potential to negatively impact your degree and the quality of degrees from your institution  

– Purchasing an essay doesn’t get to the root of the issues you may be facing as a student: it’s a short term ‘fix’ for a long-term problem

They are a waste of money! The standard of the essay is never as good as your own and you have so many resources on your campus to help (as outlined below)

– There has been reported cases of blackmail. Essay Mill sites have reportedly blackmailed students for more money by threatening them that they would tell their institution the student didn’t complete the work themselves.


What penalties could you face by using essay mills? 

– Your degree could be revoked 

– You could lose your place in your course or have your place pulled from your institution 

– Your marks can be downgraded

– You may have to repeat your assessment 

– Your mark may be capped and have to repeat 

It is seriously not worth the risk!


Help from your institution and Students’ Union is free.

The good news is that, if you’re struggling to submit high quality work, your Students’ Union and your college itself can help you.

The college wants you to succeed and prosper, so most colleges have educational support services to point you in the right direction and help you meet your goals.

Asking for help is a sign of commitment and determination to do your best. Every college wants to promote that.

On this page we’ve listed all the academic supports in your college. Go to them and your Students’ Union for support.

Don’t give the scam merchants more of your money.

You’ve got this.

Make sure to call into your Students’ Union for an Academic Integrity Tote Bag.


Can you help us by filling out this survey? You will remain completely anonymous.  

Academic Integrity Survey 

The results of the survey will allow Students’ Unions and Institutions understand why students engage in essay mills and allow us to improve services to help. 


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